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  • Degree in Computer Science

         at  University of the Studies  of Milan
         Topics covered in Thesis:
         Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Datawarehouse

  • Experience in the field of teaching and technical training 

  • Experience in  development of application and system software.



From Jams'Blog  Thursday January 24, 2008

«Hi all,
 Angelo Cristella has made a great contribution to the NetBeans Community Docs Program.
Just go the NetBeans Community Docs wiki to check it out.
The tutorial, Connecting to a Microsoft Access Database, shows you how to build an application that loads
data from Microsoft Access database and displays them in a table managed by a SwingJTable component.
Although the tutorial was written for NetBeans 5.5, it is definitely worth a look. and
maybe we can talk Angelo into updating the tutorial to NetBeans 6.0.

This is a very helpful article. »


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