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The technology JDBCTM API (Java Database Connectivity) provides the open industry standard for connecting applications written in Java language for relational databases.


The objective of this publication is to provide a fast and useful, but especially handy tool for learning to developers and professionals who are beginning to develop desktop applications GUI (Graphical User Interface) Basic to access relational databases.


In general is aimed at anyone who feels the need to educate oneself in the field with a basic knowledge of Java and Swing components as well as databases, in particular MySql AB server or Microsoft Access


It is not a tutorial nor a collection of practice but a set of fundamental practical applications that serve to channel in the right ways developing graphical desktop applications for the management of relational databases.


As development environment  was used the IDE open source Netbeans 5.5 with Swing components but can be used newer Netbeans6.0


As database server for testing applications has been used MySql AB, well known open source database. It is also illustrated access to the database desktop Microsoft Access.


In the first 2 chapters are conducting an overview of JDBC API and serve the reader as guidelines for understanding examples and as a reference to the theoretical aspects from possibly deepen.


In practice in the following publication is described as a step by step  to develop Java GUI application covering all aspects:


  • installing the driver to access the database server

  • loading the driver at runtime

  • setting Form and components on them and their programming

  • handling events

  • use of package java.sql  e java.sqlx (ResultSet,RowSet,JdbcRowSet,CachedRowSet,FilteredRowSet)

  • management of tables containing  images


It is shown how the package Netbeans5.5 or Netbeans6.0 permits from the environment IDE to connect to MySql through a DBExplorer module to create databases and run the SQL statement.


After reading this publication has the mindset to set up and develop graphics applications dealing with relational databases and perhaps deepen studies to write applications of a certain complexity.


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